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Using Pet battle to only INITIATE Battle


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I would like to use this just for running the profile and starting pet battles but not actually fighting.  I have another addon that runs pet fighting rotation for me that is setup solely for leveling a new pet.  When running both at the same time sometimes the game crashes because both programs are trying to send battle commands at one time.

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IM using PQI with a custom pet profile that was designed to not only fight but has option to use a level 25 pet to level a low level pet to 25.  It attacks once with the low level pet then swaps to your next pet to powerlevel.


Also another suggestion is to put some sort of leash on the roaming distance in pet mode.   I made a VERY VERY tiny profile and the bot took my character half way across the zone from the coords that were in my profile because it kept seeing pets to battle and just got farther and farther away.


Some sort of code that tells the bot to only travel XXX distance away from the coordinates in the profile would be great to stop it from wandering so much.

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