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Mining doesnt mine


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I have a problem with the gathering of mines.

I load in the basic mining profile. Set it all like it should.

The bot flys to its targets.

The bot lands on the mine.

The bot dismounts.

The bot mounts & fly away to the next one.


It doenst loot or click or mine the ore.


here are the logs.

10:55:39 - Session statistics:
Elapsed time: 00h:01m:34s
XP/HR: 0 - 0 min
Kills: 0 (0/hr)
Deaths: 0 (0/hr)
Stucks: 0 (0/hr)
Farms: 1 (38/hr)
Loots: 0 (0/hr)
Money/HR: 0 G 00 S 00 C (0 G 00 S 00 C)
[F] 10:55:48 - [FightClass] Loading Fight class: C:\Users\Enforc3d\Desktop\WRobot\FightClass\priest.xml
10:55:48 - [Gatherer] Started
10:56:05 - [Farming] Farm Copper Vein > 53,7483 ; -4916,49 ; 19,2872 ; "None"
10:56:12 - [Farming] Farm successful
10:56:12 - [Mount] Mounting fly mount Swift Green Wind Rider
10:57:15 - [Farming] Farm Copper Vein > 1467,38 ; -4890,45 ; 16,7699 ; "None"
10:57:21 - [Farming] Farm successful
10:57:21 - [Farming] Skip node - Indoors (you are outdoors) (option 'Skip indoor nodes')
10:57:21 - [Mount] Mounting fly mount Swift Green Wind Rider


It says Farm succesful but its not gathered. Nether i get skill increase.


(i try to use Lua to move) didnt change a thing.

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