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If the bot cast a spell to a mob and the mob walks back, the bot break the cast move a little bit forward try to cast again over and over. I think after 3 times or so the bot cancel the target and the Log says mob seems bugged. I got this problem with every caster class. I try it on my own profiles to make the combat range smaller or the target distance or not move during cast but nothing help. I have this problem with Paid profiles, free profiles and my own profiles.

It's really anyoing some accounts with caster classes from me got banned. That looks very botish.

Pls help and thanks for answers.


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I've encounter the same issue, tested with some parameters but that doesn't matter.

LHW.Launch(); // bug if target move
LHW.Launch(true, true, false, true); //bug don't wait during cast for healing if target move; bot move
LHW.CastTime = 1500f; // Ignore the castime set
SpellManager.CastSpellByNameOnSelfLUA("Lesser Healing Wave"); // Tested all lua and the bot doesn't wait 
//LHW.MinRange and LHW.MaxRange doesn't change notting

I'll try tonight with minRange et MaxRange to see if that change something

Edit: Finaly found a solution

wManager.Wow.Helpers.Usefuls.WaitIsCasting(); // Wait during cast
LHW.Launch(true, true, false, true);


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