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Gatherer diving repeatedly into water and getting stuck

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Using a mining profile on 3.3.5 server and character keeps trying to fly to underwater nodes.  I have detect stuck nodes checked and I have tried to open profile  creator and create blacklists for the underwater nodes but bot keeps going back to them and trying to divebomb into the water over and over again.  Why does black list not work?  Any other way to make bot skip these nodes?



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You must set the "Search radius" to low value ( 40 yards for example ) and record all your gathering route at max height 40 yards over ground. And when you are recording and you are over water you must be more than 40 yard over ( lets say 60 ) Then the bot will skip the water ones and pick up the ground ones. There is no other method for now and I use it and it's working ok. 

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