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So I've been looking around in the bot settings and I can't seem to find an option for this, am I missing it?

I'm on a bot hunt for something that supports a minimum aggroed monster count before it initiates combat so that it can pull a group instead of picking off individual targets,
is this supported and I've just missed the option?

If it is supported, please explain in detail what would be needed, seeing as I can't find it in the general settings I'm guessing it would be through plugins, fight classes or a combination,
being new I'd love to know where to start though.

Best Regards


edit: Probably found my own answer in the way of custom profile development. I'd still love to know if there is any ready to use solutions though, would save me a lot of time, having to familiarize myself with the API.

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I believe the option you are looking for is: Hostile Unit Near
Let's say you want to pull at least 3 mobs.

Number: 3
Radius: Search range [Groups of mobs might be in closer proximity. 10 yards or so]
Type: BiggerOrEqual

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