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Select Gossip Option1 while gathering


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I am trying to get a bot to do some gathering tasks similar to a netherwing egg farm.  The bot is correctly going to the item and picking it up- however, the item requires a select gossip option to complete the gather.  Its not a confirm BOP or I could use the plugin.  This is for a private server so no wowhead links.



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I think the best solution for me is to modify the auto accept plugin but LUA is not my strong suit.  Here is the existing code:


       while (isLaunched && Products.IsStarted)
            if (Conditions.ProductIsStartedNotInPause &&
                Lua.LuaDoString<bool>("return StaticPopup1 and StaticPopup1:IsVisible();"))
                Logging.Write("[Auto Accept] Popup accepted");
            System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(100 * 5); // Wait .5 sec



I know i need to change the second command string to be " SelectGossipOption (1)" but not sure what the first dostring should be. 


Thanks again.

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