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i'm using pet battle bot for leveling and it works pretty good 

only issue is that the bot doesn't defend itself, it doesn't fight mobs that get aggroed or attack you 

while in combat the bot will chase wild battle pets and try to combat them, which is not working since the character is in combat/being attacked


i'm in my second months with wrobot and i've used this method to level other toons, but those were pet classes and i could just set the pets on defensive and they would do the combat, now it's an issue

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there is nothing in the log, it just spams 

[FightPetBattle] Player Attack XXX (lvl 1) 

where XXX is the wild pet name it's trying to start a pet battle with and the game's response is can't do that in combat


i've already hit 110, had to monitor the game

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here is where my toon almost died, the bot reacted at 50hp and then just stood there in place for 10 minutes while hp is being recharged

it chased a wild battle pet for 5 minutes while being pounded by 2 mogus, not reacting from 84k hp to 50 hp.

starting a pet battle while being attacked does not work, the game does not allow it and the bot should react to aggro immediately

18 Aug 2017 01H43.log.html

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11 hours ago, Droidz said:

Hello, you can try to use ground mount and disable option (in advanced general settings) "Ignore fighting if in ground Mount"

i just tried it, path finding on a ground mount isn't working correctly in valley of the four winds. a small hill, which can be walked over it runs in circle 


the not fighting part doesn't have anything to do with ground/flying mount since it only happens while the bot is trying to trigger a wild pet battle, and it's auto dismounted when it tries that which means it's on foot 


let's say for example there's a wild battle pet in front of me but i am being assaulted by mobs, the bots choice is to follow the wild pet and try to start a pet battle with it while ignoring the mobs, this obviously isn't working since you can't start a pet battle while in combat 


pet battle bot should start a pet battle if not in combat, if it is in combat wrotation should take over

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