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druid problem with herbs


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i am using w robot for gethering mining nodes and herbs on druid and i nottice many times that problem.

when i my druid is starting gethering herbs in swift flying form and he is attacked by a mob its do nothing just stay in this flying form until mob is killing me. I try different set in fight options but nothing work for "mount" charakter, in past he just ignore herbs and go to other one now he is waiting for deth every time. On mining problem does not exist becuse he must to cancelform to mine


i hope for solution quickly


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If you want fight with mob when you farming desactivate option "Ignore fight during farm if druid form" in "General Settings" tab > "Looting...".
If you want ignore fight, activate option "Ignore fight during farm if druid form" and "Ignore Fight if in Ground Mount" (in mount tab) ().
What fightclass do you use? Some fightclass seem cause bug ().
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