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Player attacked by other unit, skip this fight

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Good day. Sorry in advance for my english.

Sometimes in the log i'm getting the message: "Player attacked by other unit, skip this fight"
Right now my fightclass is not working properly when this message is apears, and my bot dies.

For example, there is 2 bears. Bot runs to them, getting that message and after that he seems like not counting one of the bears as a target, because ObjectManager.GetUnitAttackPlayer().Where(u => u.GetDistance <= 5).ToList().Count > 1 returns false, he is not doing what he supose to do in cases where is 2 or more attackers and he dies.

But if i pull the same 2 bears with the bot program stopped, and only then press "start the bot" then he will count this 2 bears as 2 targets and there will no problem for him to kill them.

So the question is, what is that message means, why is it happens at the totally normal pack of 2 mobs and how to force bot not do this (not try to skip the fight and die)

Thank you for any advices.

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