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Odd Travel Form dismount/mount


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Hello,  I am new to WRobot after moving over from Honorbuddy so I am hoping this is user error.

My problem is with how the travel form dismounts/mounts randomly, especially when it notices a gathering node nearby.  Initially, I started my own basic profile to gather Aethril but it was extremely bot like in its appearance. I then tried a couple popular profiles, but had the same results.  When gathering I witness how  it will mount travel form, run the gathering path then it will sense a node ahead of it, stop for a moment, exit travel form, enter travel form, run back from where it came 30-40 yards then run to the node and gather it.  At that point it exits travel form even if herbing, enter travel form again and goes on its way.  The current process it goes through clearly does not look natural.   

I have attempted to change various settings with no success.  Any input on how to clean up the mount/dismount, running back 30 yards after it senses a node, and how to polish the overall appearance would be greatly appreciated.  

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