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WW Monk JAB / CHI broken?


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always want to make my fightclasses nearly perfect for DPS!


With my monky I have now a small Problem.


I just working on a WW fightclass for LFraids & Heros..


JAB costs 40 energy an builds chi.


So my first condition for Jab is bigger 40 energy...


I dont want to cast the Monk jab, when I am @ 5 chi.


So my 2nd condition is  Chi smaller 5. ( max is 5 chi )


But with the 2nd condition, the bot will NOT cast jab anymore.


Without the 2nd condition he will cast jab when ever he hits 40 energy and sometimes I waste CHI, because he already is @ max chi.


Can someone help?



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Another Thing i stumpled in.


Blackout Kick should only be used to dumpen your chi - if you have to much!


Blackout Kick Condition Chi bigger 4.


But the Bot will cast blackout kick also when I only have 2 chi ( thats the cost of the kick )


Something is strange with the chi.



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I used the following Lua script instead of the pre-defined "Chi" in the Fighting Class:

Add as Condition 'Lua Script':


Chi = UnitPower("player", 12); if (Chi >=4) then retV = "1" else retV = "0" end

[Return value research]: 1

[Return value var]: retV

You can change the Chi >=4 in brackets to whatever you want. Chi > 1 or Chi = 3, works with all operators.


If you have any questions I can also send you my WW monk profile. Works like a charm

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Thanks Droidz for the quick answer and good work!


Works like charm with light force!


WTF is light force? New class Jedi Knight?




Can anyone make his fight classes Public here?




@ Shai - thanks for your offer, but now I am done with the ww Monk.


Used your rogue Fight class a while ago. Thanks for it.


Now I have all classes done, mostly 2 speccs - NOT DK and Warri - will do warri soon, but I just started the warri and I need to learn how Warri mechanics work.

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