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Ignore 'De-spawned' Mining Nodes


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I wasn't quite sure how to label this thread, but basically what I'm trying to solve is the scenario where mining nodes leave behind a node that is no longer open-able, but still return true from this:

nodesNearMe = ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWGameObject().FindAll(p => p.GetDistance <= 50 && p.CanOpen && p.IsValid);

This scenario is specific to Empyrium deposits. Somehow, WRobot is able to ignore these nodes when doing pulses for available nodes, and ignores them.

One thing that a tester noticed (thanks @dragonmase!) was that turning off wRobot, and then turning WRobot back on after mining an Empyrium deposit, WRobot logs report the following: "error node is no longer around?" but ONLY if you restart WRobot. So, i'm guessing that it is keeping a list of nodes that it has collected. How can I make my nodesNearMe ignore nodes that leave behind the 'corpse'?



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Try code like:

        var nodesNearMe = ObjectManager.GetObjectWoWGameObject().FindAll(p => p.IsValid && p.GetDistance <= 50 && p.CanOpen).OrderBy(p => p.GetDistance).FirstOrDefault();
        if (nodesNearMe != null && nodesNearMe.IsValid && wManager.wManagerSetting.IsBlackListed(nodesNearMe.Guid))


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