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Unable to run bot


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I've been using this bot for a LONG while, but recently with 7.3, I got a warning message telling me the bans were getting worse and when I would update the bot and try to launch it, it would give me an error saying, "Please refresh game." I have completely updated WoW, uninstalled and reinstalled all 4 Microsoft components as directed in the Installer thread, and have removed and reinstalled the Bot making sure I am on the latest version: 24742 for 7.2.5. 

After ALL of the uninstalling and reinstalling, I still get this:


WRobot support now Wow patch 7.3.0.
This patch increment Wow security, you need to know than currently ban risks is high for some weeks.
More info here https://goo.gl/X8Axnk

Kind regards, Droidz."

It won't even register that the game is running. Thoughts?

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