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Bot won't eat (v1.8.2 wotlk)


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Log says the following: 


10:13:56 - [Regen] Started
10:13:57 - [Regen] Use food Moist Cornbread

I've set the bot up to use Moist Cornbread on 35%-95% health, and have 40 of those in inventory, however bot won't eat. Tried with feral druid and warrior level 25.

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I increased it all the way up to 50%. It still won't eat :( I've even triple checked that I haven't spelled the food wrong. According to the log, regen starts - but ingame, nothing happens.


12:05:05 - [Regen] Started
12:05:06 - [Regen] Use food Moist Cornbread

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