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only queued for 1 BG when i have 2 BG ticked in Product Setting


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this only happens AFTER i finish the first BG that gets popped


means it will only queue up for one of the 2 that i choosed.




PS: i didn't have any BG blacklisted (in game) 




pls look it up. i didn't notice before but i think queue 2 BGs at same time will be more efficient.


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I have just test and works fine for me. I'll add a wait time (wow latency). Wait next update and tell me if this resolve your problem.


if you start this product without queued up for any bg, it will queue up 2 BGs.


after 1 BG is done.(1 still in queue). the bot will NOT queue. UNTIL bot finish the second BG that queued up from the first time.


this is what i mean. But anyway ,this is not a major issue in this product, so if you think it is unnecessary to concern, just ignore this post save more effort on what is important xDDD.

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