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Help with rune counting.. Droidz you are needed. xP


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I am working on my Frost DK Wrotation, and the rune count condition just doesn't work for me... I have managed to get this far..

for i=1,6 do _, _, a = GetRuneCooldown(i);print(a) end

It returns true or false for all 6 runes. Now how do I get to count all that into a numerical variable named returnVar so I can actually use it for my fight class?



j = 0;for i=1,6 do _, _, a = GetRuneCooldown(i); if a == true then j = j + 1; end end if j >= 3 then b = 1; end

This seems to work awesome

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I have fixed problem (in next update, runes condition is fixed (return number of runes ready), and I have added conditions RuneReadySlot1(to 6) (return true if rune no used).


Ps: I have also added in Dev tools "Memory informations", this extract all informations about player (mana, life, ....)

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