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Stuck "In progress" on Classic and WOTLK clients


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I thought I'd switch to private servers (my own) to get to grips with WRobot, before going any further on retail, so I fired up my own Vanilla and WOTLK  servers (getMaNGOS server architecture).

WRobot works perfectly fine for me on retail, but on Classic and WOTLK it just gets stuck "In progress", as you can see the attached image (WOTLK client).

The clients are stored on a different drive to the retail one.

The clients are made to run in 32bit (see image).

Client's build version is the same as the one supported by WRobot (see image -  bottom area of the WRobot window). 





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I literally just tried this on my TBC server too and had the same result. I am obviously doing something wrong, the question is what? :)

These 3 attached logged files are for my attempts to use WRobot on Classic, TBC, and WOTLK:

file 1: Classic

file 2: TBC

file 3: WOTLK

15 Oct 2017 09H54.log.html

15 Oct 2017 11H35.log.html

15 Oct 2017 11H34.log.html

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FINALLY! It now works!!!!

It looks like this a a case of keep on trying everything many times over, lol

Although, what finally fixed it was downloading the Preinstalled version from the page linked above - 

Now to have some fun, without risk of getting done :D Test and create scripts on my own private server :)

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One last thing :)

Running WRobot.exe only seems to work for Classic, TBC and WOTLK (I have not tried on any other pre Legion expansions) something like 1 out of every 10 attempts, with a lot of messing about.

Running "WRobot No DX" (shortcut file in the WRobot folder) works every time :)

Thank goodness for that! :D 

That was a nightmare trying the get the main exe to work :D

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