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Fisherbot not working anymore

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The problem - Fisher bot keeps recasting after hitting the halfway mark on the casting bar. I cant seem to get fisherbot to work in 99% of places I have tried.

It was working 4 days ago and I've tried these last 3 it has not. 

I've read all previous forum discussions and nothing has worked to make this problem go away

I have done these following things

-Turn off all addons, turn off fight profile, checked my latency(100ms), adjusted in-game settings, restarted bot and wow client multiple times, Used Updater to switch to another version of wow and back to vanilla.

Nothing out of the ordinary shows up in my logs either


I appreciate the help.



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  • Yes I do run the latest version. 

I also have another odd thing to add. It seems certain places the bot works smooth with little to no problems and other zones/areas wont work at all. 

Still trying everything I can, hope I can get it!




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