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Useitem in bag on target?


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Trying to get useitem to work on target for this quest http://www.wowhead.com/quest=28808/fear-no-evil bot will run up to soldiers but will not use item?

I have tried useitem, usespell, interact nothing works? 

Also why do you have to add some many quest id's for one quest? Bot can't tell quest is in log so just keeps trying to pick quest up.

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Hello, for http://www.wowhead.com/quest=28808/fear-no-evil you need to use interactwit... (and use option "accept dead target"?).

And sometime, same quest have several ID (like your quest: 28813, 28809, 28806, 28810, 28812, 28808, 28811), to avoid to create one wrobot quest by quest id (wow class for your quest), you can add all id in one wrobot quest


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Thank you I assume you mean iteractwithnpc as it's the only one on the list. I did that and checked the dead targets but bot still just runs up to it and stands there. I am using easyquest editor. I recently lost all my accounts and have to start over and no one using this bot has a 1-110 quest pack so I thought I would try to create one to share. I am not getting very far lol

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