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Hello guys.

I'm testing out WRobot on a bit specific 3.3.5 server (i suspect they have changed some of the spells ids).


My fight classes doesn't work, but in log of WRobot it clearly says it casts:


Although, my character just keep auto-attacking mobs.

I was thinking, is there is any way i can add macros instead of abilities?

Or probably i can edit somewhere the ids of spells?

Thank you!


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I've checked the ID's on server and ID's of any other wotlk server, they are the same (ex. 20271 for judgement of light)

So IDs are not spoofed.

But still, bot is not casting anything, just auto-attacking.

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Hey guys, still fighting with this issue, trying to find a way around this situation.

Is there is any ability to program the fightclass for pressing specific keys on keyboard instead of casting by spellid / spell name?


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