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Help With "Whitebark's Memory"


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Okay so Ive been working on trying to find a fix for this quest for a while now, the quest is called "Whitebark's Memory"

Iv'e literally tried almost every thing I first started by using the quest type "UseItemOn" and "UseSpellOn", these both call for a location to use the item, so i stand over the area and tell the bot to use the item on that space, that doesnt work. I have made sure to put the right item id where the bot asks to type it in. None of this works, so I then did a little research and found this post 

I then tried combining the "Quest without objective number count and with special objective" and the "Quest type use item on GameObjects/Unit" 

I do not actually know if this worked as im not good with code but after i executed the code I made to the bot, and run the bot. The bot just ran over to the spot I stated and the bot just sits there, it doesnt use the item or anything. 

After many hours of trying to find a way to solve this I cannot, if anyone could help me out that would be great

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