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Bot Keeps Interrupting Own Cast by Moving?


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I'm about to purchase WRobot, more than likely the year long version. I'm currently playing  a private vanilla server and it seems to be working but as a balance druid he stops and casts and stops and casts constantly interrupting his [Wrath] by moving. Observing the bot when he does this it appears he's tabbing off the mob then resuming path then tabbing and casting then tabbing and moving again, I've been testing this in the Tauren starting zone, I followed a couple of tutorials for grinding profiles which seem to be easy enough and this one combat tutorial but it was for a warrior, I fear the settings are quite different, I tried changing Wrath cast distance from 5 to a higher range, I tried changing the "timer" the "can move during cast" the "cast spell on" and so far nothing has worked... what could I be missing? Before I commit to this bot I want to make sure that there's enough support/I can figure out how to work it, previously used honorbuddy and made profiles for that, have used other bots in games such as ffxiv and guild wars 2, wow retail etc. Thanks.

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