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Spell Priority


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looking through an existing Fightclass, is the Spell Priority "int priority"  does Low number == High Priority? or the other way around?

SpellState(string spellName, int priority, BooleanDelegate condition, bool isBuff = false, bool inCombatOnly = true, bool castIfInMount = false, bool castIfMeDead = false, bool checkIfKnow = true, bool checkIfSpellUsable = true, bool checkSpellDistance = true, bool needInView = true, int timer = 0, bool notSpellIsLuaScript = false, bool debug = false, bool targetFriends = false, bool aoeSpell = false, bool aoeSpellMePos = false, bool oncePerTarget = false, YesNoAuto canMoveDuringCast = YesNoAuto.Auto, string description = "", string castOn = "", bool lockFrame = true, bool waitDuringCasting = true)


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