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Hi folks! I am trying to make a plugin which will pull nearby mobs while doing a questing moving route. The main problem is that quester engine, which is performing movement via points at that time overrides my movement calls just after they called. How do I should solve that? Thanks in advance.

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7 hours ago, Droidz said:

Hello, I am not sure to understand (if it is not that, give more details), but try to use "followpath" quest type (and disable option is "hotspots")

I am using exactly this QuestType. This looks like:

1. Character moving on points, which are defined in quest (followpath type)

2 My plugin calls MoveTo(x,y,z), character for a moment trying to moveto(), according to call.

3. Character starting to move to next point from quest profile, overriding moveto() call from plugin.

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