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Gatherer altitude issues + jerky motion (Druid)


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Issue is two fold:
-   It seems i spend most of my time flying straight up and down. If there are no nodes visible, the bot will fly to a cruising altitude to keep pathing... Is there a way to set max altitude or something? Or fly diagonally?

-   If nodes are nearby, often times the bot will fly along the ground at ground mount speed while looking very funny. Often with very jerky motion as if i am tapping the W key, looking very suspicious. I actually got a whisper about this within 10 minutes of using the bot from some random guy running past , while the bot was W-tapping itself past a tree :( 

-   Another issue is mineral node humping, but after reading another thread i seem to have [mostly] minimized this by bumping up min latency to 200ms. This slowed down herb mining a little and i find myself in combat more often now, but its not really something to complain about... Though would be nice to have different values for these, or maybe automatically reduce it for herbs :P

Using a low level druid (with flying) , farming zones in Kalimdor while leveling professions. Maybe this will get better in newer zones, but figured i'd ask. Any advice would be appreciated...

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