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Flying too low. Ground level.


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The bot always flies at gorund level (wrotation, gatherer, grinder and quester is where I have tested). Getting hit by all the enemies it comes across and getting dismounted because of that.

Is there a setting to raise flying altitude or something like that?

Wrobot Private Server edition. WOTLK version.

19 dic. 2017 21H30.log.html

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Hello, try to disable your wow addons, you can also try to enable "use lua to move" in advanced general settings. If your problem is not resolve you can try to:

  • Close WRobot.
  • Go to folder "WRobot\Settings\"
  • Open with notepad file "General-PLAYERNAME.SERVERNAME.xml"
  • Search "<FlyAboveGroundHeight>1.5</FlyAboveGroundHeight>" and replace 1.5 by bigger value.
  • Save and relaunch WRobot.

(you can also run this c# command if you don't want to edit xml file: wManager.wManagerSetting.CurrentSetting.FlyAboveGroundHeight = 1.5f; )

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Thanks for helping Droidz.

I'm still having problems. After disabling addons and setting "use lua to move" the problem did not resolved. So I edited the XML as you said.

The bot now mounts and takes the proper height, but problem now is that it stays floating above the nodes/corners of the path generated forever. If I move it manually, it returns to the same spot en keeps floating there.

20 dic 2017 12H39.log.html

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2 and 2.5 is too low. It keeps getting kicked out of the flying mount. Using any value above 4 gets the bot to stay floating forever, so I'm setting the value to 4, it still gets some hits from mobs on the ground but *sight* is better than how it was before. I hope someday we can fly on higher altitude.


Thanks for your help Druidz

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