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Bot does not regenerate or attack from range


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Hey guys. Having a few annoying issues with my bot for my shadow priest


1. It never regenerates. Between mobs if it gets low it just keeps going to the next mob it never stops and waits to regen Hp / MP. If i die and it rezes at low HP and MP it doesnt wait to regen to full then go, it just goes immediately, resulting in death after death after death. I'm fine with it waiting to regen but it never does. 

2. Instead of attacking at range it will just try to cast mind blast at range but start moving immediately after casting interrupting the cast, then trying to cast again over and over until im in melee range of the mob then it will cast. 

3. I have it set to power word shield at a hp % and it does it sometimes, and regen at a certain % and it never does it. I think i may have the settings wrong for a self heal or something

this is a custom fightclass i made with 5 or so spells in a rotation on it. I'm using a grinder profile that i made with the mobs in an area and a route that i made. I'm sure i must have messed up some setting somewhere to keep it from regeneration or healing itself or casting at range, i just can't figure out which one. 


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