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After dieing bot goes on a vendetta hunt.. and often dies


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Hi there.

So i have been botting for a week for 2. Im running with 3-4 bots at the same time and they range from level 10 to 55+.

I have noticed that when the bot dies from over pulling, it will ofc run to the corpse and res. But then it will almost instantly target the mob that killed it forgetting all about buffing and regen. (even if the hp or mana or lower than its set for in advanced setttings) and often get killed again the process. If it manage to kill the mob,  it will then rebuff, regen or whatever it should.

Its like its got a grudge against the mob that just killed it. But will sometime result in chain dieing and a spirit ress with 10 min wait time before going back. It can cost up to 30 min before the bot is effectively killing/grinding again.


Any suggestions ?

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