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Wrobot is eating while in combat (and doing so successfully)

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I dont know how but my bot can eat while a mob is standing next to it and while being attacked, of course it breaks the health gain and this ends up in all food being wasted away. 


On my way from my grind spot to town it runs through an area where the mobs have pets, and I have "attack pets" turned off because I dont want it to chase hunter pets. However this leads to the pet mob being ignored and then the bot tries to rest while the pet is still attacking it. And it actually works, eating in combat shouldnt be possible but apparently it is with wrobot? Just wanted to let you know about this bug :)


wow 1.12.1

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1.) You could blacklist this area for the specific profile, so the bot doesn't move trough there in the first place. Or disable "Attack before being attacked", disable "Ignore combat with all pets" and enable "Ignore fight with players" (if that is what you mean by hunter pets). Try what fits your needs best.

2.) No. Either something with the server or probably started eating before being in combat? Or do you have a pet? You can still be out of combat, even if your pet is in combat. Never experienced on LH or Elysium. Can you provide some logs?



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Thanks I managed to solve it by blacklisting that area :)


I dont have any logs, but It was doing it right infront of me. First killed the master mob, then the pat was attacking me and the bot was sitting down to eat, had food buff active untill it was hit again by the mob. Very strange indeed... 

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