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MonsterWoW 7.1.5

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I have tried all the downloadable versions of the Legion bot. But all of them says that the game version is incorrect. 

So do someone else, use Wrobot on Monster WoW, and can tell me how to get it working ?

I'm used to botting on retail ;D haha

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hello there

what about those private servers who using their own launcher?

I try to use a trial to see what will happen and after wrobot ask me to launch wow32 and I accept that game will run good i can log in , and even the wrobot start gathering herb for me but 

after 2 min the private server sleep my character and an error pop up and says "you are not using the <private server name> launcher. pls exit and try to launch game from launcher" 

what can we do about it?

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and when I try to rename the server launcher to wow.exe (the 32bit one) after running the wow.exe(my private server launcher who is renamed) some CMD windows pop up and all say something happening in order to launch wow.exe

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