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WRobot dissapear and bad functional


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Good morning , i have a problem with WRobot:

When i close it , the program dissapear from my computer , its like when i delete something , i have not antivirus activated and i always must to paste again the archives of the program in the folder.

When i use too the Quester bot , with one paid profile (DTN_1-58_Alliance) sometimes it doesnt nothing , doesnt move , doesnt respond and the program is in PLAY function.

it appear too this : Windows discover that WDohRPIcA.exe doesnt have good functional and it will be closed.


Thank you

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thank you droidz , i have install it in VMWARE and im havent problems with wrobot , it is very good condition, maybe its a error that i must to fix in the main computer , for now its solved

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