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Would you rebuild Paths-Finder?


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wow vanilla 1.12 (silithus, Grinder Mod)

When bag is full, check the option(use Paths-Finder), he go wrong way through Elite Mob

Yes, I dead and build blacklist spot with red circle



this picture show

Although it's next to the road

Path-Finder leads the wrong way

And, Stucked !!


27 1 2018 12H04.log.html

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2 hours ago, Mikemall said:

Please post your logs.  Log File Help Here!



Tip : if you do not have Path=finder on in your settings that may be the problem.


check the option(use Paths-Finder)

none the less, BE dead and stucked


'Rebuild Path-Finder' mean 

The process of going vendor on a particular map is very different.
Example - Arathi vs Silithus.
In Arathi the process is very detail as character move around the barrier,
But in Silithus it is only 'Going straight' to vendor so be dead or stucked.


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