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Mining during BG Queue

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Excuse me guys, i'm new on it, just downloaded today, i'm tryng to understand how to let him mine while he is in bg`s queue.

I've download a mining-herb profile from download list, the one that says Stromheim, then i put it into the "gather" folder, i've checked on "on" where it says "use another product while in queue" in settings, and i started it.

Then appears a popup the says "please select a profile", and then the bot starts without gatering but playing bgs.

There is something bad on it?


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i still have the problem...i'm sorry :(

I've tryed to do all passages, and it seems go well, but when i make start on battlegroundler...i attach files;

I've tryed to download a gather profile, this one

and i putted inside C:\Users\MatteoS\Desktop\WRobot\Profiles\Gatherer\Alliance\Mining

but nothing changes...i am sure that i am making something bad...but what? What i am not doing?

Thanks in advance



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You'll have to use the Gatherer product first and select the the profile you want for a second.
Then you can go back using Battlegrounder with Gatherer.

Hope that helps.

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