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32 bit crash and bot don't recognize

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Hello all,

please i need help! I've tryed a lot of ways to open the bot, i've followed instruction of this forums, videos too, and checked on internet.

1. The only way to open a 32bit versione without a crash, is to keep open battle.net app;

2. When i open it in 32bit so, i start the bot, now he says the version is not correct (but it is) and he ask to open wow in 32bit...i click yes, he open another wow (still in 32bit, x86), i click play again ad he says incorrect version again;

3. If i close battle.net app, there is no way that i can open wow in 32bit, it crashes everytime, i've tryed a lot of compatibility too...

4. The error is : 12192 - Game Version Incorrect

Now i have got a good point of stability, the real problem is in the point 4..it is a 32bit, but it would not recognize it.

Any clue to what to do? :(

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