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Bot on VMware - no launch button


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I settled up VMware 12 etc, and wanted to start there WRobot with wow, but i cant. Updater is working, finishing and moves to Wrobot start but there is no "launch" button - cant see it even, only refrest etc. Where is the probelm? Windows 7, 32bit - can try on 64 if there was a problem.  My aim is to put Wrobot with different account on Virtual machine, and normally play safe with my main account to not get ban.

Bot normally starts in my window mode and works.


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Thank you Droidz for your kind answer. I am really thankful you give so much help on issues.

Small tip: For somebody with same problem, never uninstal this programs on your host and put it only on Virtual machine - or your all system wont start.

Had to reistnall all windows after doing it - remember fix it only on VM.

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