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[Yet Another Question :)] Why my Monk wont buff itself?


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I know I have a lot of questions last couple of days but since I bought the bot, I want it to work as intended. Hope you understand. :)


Here is my question.


I opened default fighting profile '[Ohren]Windwalker Monk' in Fight Class Editor and added my two buffs

1.  [Legacy of the Emperor]

2. [Legacy of the White Tiger]


I positioned it above all others (priority 12 and 11 in my case) and added 'Buff casted by me' condition. In conditions settings I selected 'true' in 'need' tab.


Also I changed 'is buff: true' and timer: 60 in spell settings


However, my monk doesn't cast buffs when they run out.


Any suggestions?


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Look this: 


To look base spell name use this macro: 

/run for i=1,200000 do local f=FindSpellBookSlotBySpellID(i,"spell") if f then local n,id=GetSpellBookItemName(f,"spell"),select(2,GetSpellBookItemInfo(f,"spell")) local s=GetSpellInfo(id) s=n==s and " " or "\124cFF4FF763"..s print(id,n,s) end end
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