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Skinning....(plump intestines)


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For your macro after looting you can also use option "Auto Make Elemental" (in "General settings" > "Advanced settings" > Tab "Looting and Farming...") and open with notepad "WRobot\Data\autoMakeElementalMacro.txt" and add this line:

itemName = GetItemInfo(72201) if GetItemCount(itemName) > 0 then RunMacroText("/use " .. itemName) end

(don't forget to save file).


Can you give me position where your character sometimes stucks?


Should not be adding


Add some macros doeni fightclass?

DUER Pally v2.xml

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Trying to add it to a different profile.
       <SpellName> Local itemName = GetItemInfo (72201) if GetItemCount (itemName)> 0 then RunMacroText ("/ use" .. itemName) end </ SpellName>
           <ContionType> HaveTarget </ ContionType>
           <Param Xsi:type="FightClassConditionBool" />
         </ FightClassCondition>
       </ FightClassConditions>
       <Priority> 28 </ Priority>
       <CombatOnly> False </ CombatOnly>
       <CheckIfKnowUsableDistance> False </ CheckIfKnowUsableDistance>
       <CheckIfView> False </ CheckIfView>
       <Timer> 10000 </ Timer>
       <NotSpellIsLuaScript> True </ NotSpellIsLuaScript>
     </ FightClassSpell>
This correct?
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