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How do I set the bot up so it goes to the herbalist trainer?


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Hi. How do I set the bot up so it goes to the herbalist trainer when needed? I currently use a script in the quester profile and it works, however every time I start the bot profile it goes to that script even though I don't need it.


This is the code I use in the Quests order editor: 

(wManager.Wow.Bot.Tasks.GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWithNpc(new robotManager.Helpful.Vector3(-8969.99, 779.636, 95.89198), 5566)) // replace 1, 2, 3 by position, and 12345 by npc entry id


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Where do I put that? I know nothing about coding - I just copied that code from another profile. Could you be so kind to write the code for me? And I'm just going to explain everything I did so it's easier for you to help me.


I made a quester profile with different "quest steps". The quest steps tells the bot to go to a specific zone and grind herbalism there. When my character reaches a certain skill in Herbalism it goes to the next step and that is to go to the herbalism trainer and learn a higher version of Herbalism. 

And the only issue is that whenever I start this bot profile it just instantly goes the herbalism trainer - but after that it follows the right steps. So where do I put that condition you mentioned?

This is how it all looks like:

Wrobot Pic.png

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can condition                                                return Skill.GetValue(SkillLine.Herbalism) >= 1;

is complete condition                                 return Skill.GetValue(SkillLine.Herbalism) >= 75;


when it gets to 75 change zone1.png.0c5df247ab46edb3f005e808e7a12d6d.png

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That has nothing to do with what I'm asking though. The herb zones are already set up that way but that's not the problem. The problem as I said is that the script that makes my char go to the herb trainer runs everytime I start the bots profile.

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you can     If set ObjectManager.Me.Level == 20 or you can pick a random quest and set  if has quest do your prof lvl and then call for the trainer after just use a comand to abadon the quest so your bot wont go back in steps

i got it like this1234567.jpg.c1e07d8a7303b36712272eb0617ffd90.jpg

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