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Hi Guys, 


There must be a command but I cant find it so far in the forums. When I've finished with Wrobot(great product) and close it down I still have the yellow circle icon when i right click an open area and I move to this area. Extremely annoying when your tanking. Is there a command to turn this off? Ive tried closing both WRobot and WOW but when I log back in its still doing the same thing. 


Mnay thanks 


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I find this annoying too. Yes the macro works fine and I can to go the menu every time, but thats annoying as well. Is there no option to turn this off when we stop the bot?


Normally, if you launch WRobot with "Click to move" disabled, wrobot disable "Click to move" when is closed (if you quit wrobot properly). This don't works?
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