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Guide for Grinding Profile Creation


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Hello everyone!

I was looking for an Option where i could create my own Grinding Profile.. Something like "Start Record Waypoints".. Is there such an Option? If not is it maybe possible someone writes a small Tutorial? Im not asking for a full how to guide, but a little help in the right direction i would appreciate. 

I have two Paid Grinding/Leveling Profiles but i run into alot of other Bots doing the same Route over and over again (which is quite dangerous obviously)


Thanks a lot

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On 3/2/2018 at 7:53 PM, Mike Mail said:

Grinder isnt good to level at all, its best to use a quester grinder.

What are the advantages of doing that? And do you know if theres any tuts or something for making a grind profile for quester?

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Instead of creating one different grinder profile for each step of the grind, you have one core profile that executes the following grind steps one after another. It also grants you easy access to all the fancy C# stuff and other quest types (f.e. FollowPath for custom routes), in case you need that for more advanced profiles.

It's pretty straight forward. You create a KillAndLoot quest without an quest id, scroll to the bottom and check "Grind". You then set the level of that KillAndLoot quest to one below the level you want the bot to grind to and change "Not Required in Quest log" to true.
The only thing left (besides adding Hotspots and unit ids to attack) is to add a "Pulse" step for that created quest and run it with quester.

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