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  1. I have had this happen numerous times, especially when botting paladins in vanilla for some reason. It'll be any cast, for example Holy Light used after combat to heal up before moving on. The bot will start casting HL, move one position, start casting again, immediately start moving to next position and so on. Unfortunately I don't have any logs of it occuring at this time.
  2. Is there still no other fix for this? Increasing latency makes the bot wait 2.5 seconds always before doing shit, making any rotation look ridiculously bot-like. Is there no way to alter the expected cast time based on which version of the game the bot is running? Or simply force waiting if a cast is in progress?
  3. Yes, 2408 - snapjaws I have been using the bot with the same settings without trouble but I'll check it. NPC/MB search radius at default 10000, max unit near was 5, tested with 100 too and same issue. Edit: Seach radius is 100 also. I haven't added any blacklisted area and also let the bot run for a while. It runs all across Hillsbrad and never once attacked, so unless the entire map was blackzoned somehow I doubt it. I checked while the bot was running and there was no blackzones anywhere I tested. It's not default behaviour to ignore neutral mobs? I was hoping there was a way to force it somehow. Thanks for replying, I'm going to attach the profile if that helps you at all, it's a first attempt anyway. Turtles 30-35.xml
  4. Pretty much title. Added the mobs entry but bot just runs between hotspots never targetting them.
  5. Oh sweet, I figured there was a LUA wrapper of some kind. Thanks!
  6. I'm a bit of a noob so please have patience. I'm using C# for my fightclass which is a modification of a free one. How would I go about accomplishing this same thing but in a C# fightclass? I want my pala FC to be able to use dispels for poisons/diseases. Does anyone have a similar snippet for C#?
  7. Thanks for the patient reply, I'm new around here if that wasn't obvious.
  8. What are the advantages of doing that? And do you know if theres any tuts or something for making a grind profile for quester?
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