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Fishing Druid cat form. Help / Also multi profile same toon


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Okay im fishing and im using a druid and it will break from loot or just before a cast  turn into a cat then back and cast the fishing pole. 

Is there a way to stop it from trying to turn into a cat randomly sometimes then back to normal form before casting ?


I noticed this same thing when gathering and i had to change mounts to a sky golem because the druid would just totally goofy and start truing into a cat instead of mounting and flying off to next herb. 

I regret boosting a druid with this bot, they just don't seem to work well together to much shapeshifting confusion.


So anyways, Its a basic fishing profile stand in one spot and fish darkmoon faire,  I had to turn everything off to force them to stand in one spot and fish which leads me to my second question -->

  Because i had to go into the settings and turn stuff off like herb and mining and ect.. just to get fishing to work properly or the bot would run around and gather invisible herbs, is there a way to make profiles for each type of bot for the same character.     For instance I want to use the fishing bot and then i want to go gather but in order to do that i have to change all the bot settings every time i switch between the two. ?


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thank you. 


What about for gathering herbs.  I really thought druid form would make them the best gather class.   But i have to resort to sky golem and gather buffs and what not and sky golems SUCK for gathering they have way more stuck issues.


Anything i can do to gather as a druid and not turn into as cat after every node like force bird travel form, without a fight class gathering i will be screwed ?

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16 hours ago, Jensen- said:

you can also set a condition to shapeshifting only when you are in combat

Is there a how to , where i can learn to set conditions,  this is a foreign term to me.

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