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Flys past most nodes tried everything lol


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The bot ignores most nodes that it flies across, like 6/10 nodes that it finds it will mine. I've tried adding the nodes to the mining list in the profile settings, adding the nodes themselves into the profile and making profiles from scratch and it still ignores a good half the nodes it goes by.

Because of this, I'm getting very low nph even using profiles that I know friends are getting good nph on, I'm on a low pop server and have no competition most of the time and there wouldn't be a problem if the bot just mined the nodes. 

I'm mining ghost iron ore in pandaria but I've tested it with cobalt ore, elementium, copper using only ground mounts or only flying mounts ect and it still ignores a heap of nodes. What do guises?

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Look wrobot log for more information why wrobot skip the nodes.
Do you have correctly assigned "X" key at sit down in wow keybinding?
Do you have tried others profiles?
Share your log file if you want more helps.
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I've reset my keybinds I've checked logs (there is nothing out of the ordinary) and I've configured settings so that it mines everything no matter if there are mobs near the node or not. It's not that its trying to get the node its that it doesn't give a shit about most of them and doesn't stop to mine them. I'm just not going to use WroBot anymore too much hassle.

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I have the same problem sometimes im trying something now... try turning up maax units near in looting and farming options hopfully that will work, i also have a question about search radius i know 100 is the minimum but how far is that really 20 yalms? 50? 100? if so 100 is quite a large distance, maybe mr.programer could make its so that only people within a seeing distance of maybe half a boosted heroic leap? this second part is regarding security of the bot stopping around other players.

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