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How to check Objectives in Scenarios?


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I want to make a Profile to get the Artifact Weapon for Fury Warriors i get the Quest "The Hunter of Heroes".

First i have to Interact with a NPC to get in the Scenario.

The First QuestObjective is done and here comes my first problem, after the bot was teleported he walks in a one direction (to the coords where the NPC was standing i think) and dont go to the next Quest Order step. And if the player use the "Heartstone?", how can i check if the char is standing in the right continent or so? The first objective is "done" and i cant cancel the quest.

The Scenario has a new Objective: Light up the Mystic Fire   0/1.     Phase (or Step/Stage i play it in German) 1 from 7.

 How to Check them?

Next problem: to Interact with the fire can i chose as Quest type Gatherer? 


Some Support to make Profiles would be nice, maybe in german :D  .. i have a lot of time an want to make some profiles for the artifact weapons and other quests.

Tell me what i have to learn :)

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