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Anyone trying to bot Sunwell's Angrathar 3.3.5 wotlk?  I've been been using a VPN in case they IP ban, but I've gotten several bots banned.  At first it was really easy, but now they're banning almost immediately.  Anyone experiencing any similar issues or have any suggestions on how to go undetected?  It seems like they have some sort of scanner now with how quick the bans are coming

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I don't think that they can detect it, I believe you're likely just getting reported. One reason that this server is hard to bot on is also because a lot of these leveling zones only have a handful of people in them. Let's say your in Swamp of Sorrows, there's probably only like 5 people in the entire zone, so you'll stick out like a sore thumb if you're just farming random trash mobs. Also, there doesn't seem to be a ton of people actually trying to bot here, probably b/c it's 2x XP by default, and you can pay for 4x XP if desired (IMO this makes botting less desirable since leveling is less work). I've gotten quite a few characters banned on this server, which I'm impressed with the GM team b/c ive played in many other private servers with this same bot and gotten to end game no problem.

If they can detect the bot, then yeah we're definitely screwed until WRobot patches it. My reasoning for believing this likely isn't the case is b/c it'd be quite a bit of work on the developers part to create a bot detection system. Blizzard used a system called "Warden" to scan your computers processes for bots, which was the main way they'd detect cheaters. Warden was installed on your computer when you installed WoW, so unless sunwell figured out how to use warden or built a similar system of their own, I doubt they can detect the bot directly. Back in the WoW Glider days (a different, older wow bot), the developers said often times blizzard litearlly knew who was botting, but they wouldn't ban 100% of those players because it actually was a poor financial decision, since not every botter would repurchase. The best people to ban in retail were the gold farmers, as they'd rebuy the game and subscription over and over, rather than individual players who just wanted to bot to end game but wouldn't rebuy if they got banned (this way bliz made the most $$). Since sunwell is free though, you would expect them to quickly ban everyone that they can detect, which leads me to believe that they can't detect us. I've gotten a few characters past 50 in this server which have gotten banned for botting, but I'm going to keep trying a few more until I get bored of it. For me, leveling is a massive waste of time and my life, so i get way more enjoyment in the efforts of trying to make my bot better and better until I can properly get to end game. Use things like pause if player near, log out on whispers, don't vendor at the city, etc. Soon I'm going to follow suit with what you're doing and use a VPN, but for now I was using the same IP and they banned my guys based on IP.  They gotta be careful with that though, as I play on an IP that other people in the server use who play legitimately

I believe using a bot that quests would also be really favorable, b/c it makes you look like a real player, and will get you through the levels faster.  Most of us are too lazy to set that up though.

P.S. I know gm's are reading these forums, it adds a level of excitement for me. 

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The main thing with Sunwell is that our bot is lacking vital plugins and options to make it less detectable.

few things I(we) need are:

- PAUSE bot on whisper AND say/shout after X seconds (they would try to talk to you)

- something to PAUSE bot if it gets frozen/teleported - they ban you if you log out (NOTE: they teleport you really just few yards or raise you in the air (and your bot keeps trying to farm - stop bot if TPed somehow doesn’t work here)) - really bottish

If anyone can make these it could be our hope - otherwise you can just quit botting like me :)


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