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Use outer hitbox for Vector3?


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Hey all
Does anyone know if it's possible to use the hitbox when using Vector3?

I use this to backtrack from mobs, but if the mob has a big hitbox, it'll cause problems.

Because Target Position does not include the mobs hitbox?

var tar = ObjectManager.Target;
Vector3 newPos = new Vector3(tar.Position.X + posX, tar.Position.Y + posY, tar.Position.Z);

The code below gives the distance between me and target hitbox.

ObjectManager.Target.GetDistance - ObjectManager.Target.CombatReach - ObjectManager.Me.CombatReach

I also use the Vector3 to check TraceLine, but this also doesn't check far enough on mobs with big hitboxes.

(!TraceLine.TraceLineGo(ObjectManager.Target.Position, newPos))

Hope any of this made any sense, otherwise please ask. :)

I'd love to get help on this!

	public static double PosX(int angle)
		return 0 + 18 * System.Math.Cos(angle * System.Math.PI / 180);

	public static double PosY(int angle)
		return 0 + 18 * System.Math.Sin(angle * System.Math.PI / 180);

The number "18" is the range between the vector and the mob. it has to be 18 in order to be 8 yards from a mob with a big hitbox (Raptors in Un'Guru, is an example).
I could make a variable that changed number based on target hitbox size, but i don't know how to get that either. :P

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