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Flying path's why does the bot follow the road when there higher and low places


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why does the bot when on flying mount follow the path should be able to go any where. if I'm not mistaking last time I got banned the reason why is cause of the way I was playing. last bot I played did the same thing what can you do to fix this ez botting was a good bot and didn't do that. ( they in court that's why I moved over here)

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so when I say that it's how you play. its what you do as you play to the different play style to the bot that's why ppl get banned on main account's. try acting like a bot in a city on your main account

without bot program. running wow in 32 bit mode with click to move on you will get banned after two hours I bet. on other hand if you try to make the bot more like a player thinking system where it has rule's and commands it has to follow before the injection is executed might seem a little better system don't you think? 

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