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Conjure water/food/Manaruby

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Trying to get my mage fightclass to conjure water and food. No luck. Tried Conjure Water and Spells database -> Local count = Getitemcount(.....etc


Shouldn't be that hard to conjure some water... Thanks for any help in advance!

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Giving the command to conjure water and food is easy, the problem is to set the food/drink created for the regeneration, because the name changes with levels. Basically I'm having the same issue, I hope to find a solution so I can complete my Fight Class.

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On 6/1/2018 at 4:01 AM, Mrzug said:

I don't mind updating the water, what commands do I use to conjure food out of combat?

Just add it as other spells, with condition "out of combat-yes" and in the options Combat only:false

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