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Droids, please fix BG combat engagement

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Engaging fights in BG makes it obvious that it looks like a BOT because when mounted, it runs to target to melee range, dismount, starts fighting! I want to dismount when I am at 30 yard or more. As a rogue, It will look humanlike if it dismounts in that range and goes to stealth to engage.

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I tryed to solve this Problem with Waypoint Action's, but saadly the Bot Ignores Actions in Bg's..  
Also wanted to Build some Deff- Profiles with it, i find the most obvious thing is the engaging combat in general, in Bg's like Etos/AB/AV 
the Bot would be actually helpfull if he would just stand on a Flag and deff it. But until now you can only run with him like a Berserk arround. 
So maybe just remove stealth if you wanna afk farm. ?

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