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1-75 Mulgore Herbalism Anti-Peacebloom, Earthroot Won't Work!!


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Hi guys, I am trying to use the horde 1-75 herbalism gatherer profile that is given to us with the bot already. I am trying to edit the profile settings so that only silverleaf will be picked up and peacebloom, earthroot will be IGNORED. So far no luck, I have went into enter advanced settings under general settings and went to looting and farming options tab and put in the item id's of peacebloom & earthroot (2447 and 2449; I even seperated each line of id and I also tried the id's 1313 and 844). Nothing has worked so far. Please tell me what can I do? 






Here is a picture of my settings in the looting and farming options tab: (attached)


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You use items id, not objects id

Peacebloom: 1618

Earthroot: 1619

Silverleaf: 1617

To get game object id (no item id), you can look wowhead url, if url contain object it is an object, if url contain item it is an item. You can also use dev tools to get object id (in Tools tab).
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